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My new Tool bag.

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    Re: My new Tool bag.

    oh that is an cool tool bag!!!

    aluminum plate


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      Re: My new Tool bag.

      Originally posted by Tyman View Post
      JC, convinced me of the Veto Bag so I bought the open top. I really like the bag and could think of some improvements but overall it rocks. I would not loose the 10" pipe wrench, I use my aluminum one all the time.

      The best thing is the PVC bottom. Here is a pic of my best friend.

      By the way Carl, if you have not got a mini driver/drill like the Milwaukee M12 you should get one. I carry it in my bag. One battery lasts me about 2 weeks.
      Good call on the open top. The closed top looks kind of like a man purse. A murse if you will.
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        Re: My new Tool bag.

        I got the closed top becasue I am a 100% service guy. I don't do remodels and construction. A closed top bag looks cleaner and more professional when you bring it into someone's living space. The open-top has all the sharp, dirty tools exposed, so it is easier to scratch someone's door frame or a young kid can grab at the tools. Also it doesn't protect them from weather when walking outside, etc.
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          Re: My new Tool bag.

          Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
          actually i own none

          Hint to the Mrs. huh Rick?

          I use those two wrenches all the time, though they do weigh down the bag a bit.
          Why not spring for a pair of aluminum wrenches then and cut their weight in half.
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