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  • Flatpack/Scout demo

    The Ridgid rep came out today for a demonstration. I found it very helpful, and would tell anyone who is interested in a camera to use it first hand before the purchase.

    I will say this about the rep, he was not afraid to get dirty.

    The camera was light, pushed easy, stored easily, and I located the camera in my yard with ease. I had an idea where it I feel good about the locating. My sewer runs cast then PVC, so I was able to see the difference in locating between the two materials. For a beginner, I feel this camera will serve our company well.

    There was one turns out we have a cleanout in the yard! Years ago they dug up the line because of a tree. The PVC relaced the old cast, and some moron burried the cleanout. We located it, and when it warms up, I will bring it up to grade, or something.

    Right now I am waiting for a couple quotes, then time for a purchase!

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    Re: Flatpack/Scout demo

    Good way to get a free camera inspection!

    It's good you got to try it in both cast and PVC, quite a difference in the two.
    Wait until you do your first few locates for a dig up. You'll double check and triple check and then start biting your nails(figure of speech in this business) hoping you didn't miss something and got the locate way off.
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      Re: Flatpack/Scout demo

      How was the pushrod? Do you see it as being easily damaged through normal use? I hear Rick and the guys talk about the weaker pushrod and am curious... IS it that it is flimsy and possibly undersized or is it just smaller then the mini so it fells fragile?

      I'm on the fence about the major purchases... I will start a thread



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        Re: Flatpack/Scout demo

        i've got the color compact (sinilar to the flat pack i was told) and have no issues with the pushcable. i believe the mini is smaller than the flat/compact, but i could be wrong. since most of what i do is in 1 1/2 - 4 inch lines and i've only had 1 need for over 100 feet it suits my needs perfectly. also the $$$ was a major deciding factor. also the compact has gone into places the full sized couldn't, like some very small bathrooms, steep hillside terrrain, and a deck space that was a true crawl space. thnks goodness for the K-50 and the compact.

        BTW i use my camera almost every day. it covers my tail, lets the clients see what's going on and puts me 1 step above most of my competition

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          Re: Flatpack/Scout demo

          The mini has a better pushrod, and longer reach. Its better than the compact, and worth the extra money imo.
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            Re: Flatpack/Scout demo

            The cable is the same size as the compact, but smaller than the mini. It seemed strong, and was easily pushed. The cable does not look or feel cheap. It has quite a bit of stiffness.

            I had latex gloves on, and it went fine. In my cleanout in the basement, the drop is about 2 feet into a tee. I/we had some trouble feeding it to go each way. Typical though, a string would have fed it more easily. After going about 30-40 feet, I could not push the cable any futher. This was because the drop was too high, and the cable was pushing against the vertical cast iron. If I was really gung-ho, I would have put my hand down there and it would have been easier to push. I was not concerned. On longer drops, it would help to fabicate some PVC to help it along. Similar to rodding from a manhole or something.

            The rep brought the battery set-up, and we moved it around easily as one access would not work. That was a lot easier than moving a cord etc.

            My only experience was using a Gen Eye. It worked well, but had a larger head. The Scout was a LOT easier to work than the Gen Eye locator.
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