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Installing Industrial Cleanout

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  • Installing Industrial Cleanout

    We are working in an Art Center that is owned by the city. It was first a house and then was transformed into the Art Center. It kind of looks like a big house. Nothing like a commercial building really.

    They had the drain cleaned out and they ran 160 feet and couldn't get no further. This drain is really weird. It goes out to the back of the house/building and then loops around and goes back to the street. There used to a sump pump but they took that out and ran the drain to the street. So the total run is like 300 feet from this one cleanout

    The drain cleaning company spent a good deal of time trying to find a 4" clean out with no prevail. So, they had to go in through a 3" clean out. That's why we are there to install a 4" clean out (flush with the floor) at about 40' downline from the 3" clean out. But, there is one about 120' feet away from the one we would be installing that could clear it the rest of the way to the street.

    I'm wondering two things:

    1. Is it possible to tell if a main drain is 3" or 4" by using a camera? A camera was used when the drain was cleaned out so I'm just wondering. I'd hate to dig and find out that it's just another 3" pipe in the ground and all the digging we did would be useless. But if digging is the only way to find out, then so be it.

    2. Does CI need to be used or is PVC okay? If CI needs to be used, I'm assuming just a long sweep sanitary tee would be used along with mission couplings, but I don't know what type of cleanout to use if its going to be flush with the floor.

    Any help or insight on this would be much appreciated. Thanks again, guys! - The Trusted Online Community For Homeowners and Contractors.

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    Re: Installing Industrial Cleanout

    Happy new year Aaron!What you are dealing with is called a wrap around.
    Makes sense, huh.This is because the sewer went out the back to a septic and when the city sewer came through they cheaped out or did not want to break out the basement floor and stub the thing out the front.They just tied on to the exisisting line and off they went.
    So you are going to end up with a cleanout in a yard or something or a parking lot?
    At any rate pvc is fine where you are in the dirt just use proper transition couplings to tie in your clean out.If you are installing one mid way in the line put in 2!!!
    One to go backwards and one to head to the street. Set these up so they face each other.So your c/o nearest the street heads to the bldg and the c/o nearest the bldg goes to the street.Check with Goodin supply co. or SPS in your area and tell the city desk temp labor guy they have this time (Always screw up my orders!)What size cap you need and if you just have feet or cars going over.BTW the dig we did yesterday in so. mpls....the frost depth was at a foot.
    Hooray for snow cover!
    Last.You *most likely* have 4" leaving the structure and at some point near the street it shoud jump up from 4" cast to 6" clay tile.

    Good luck.
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      Re: Installing Industrial Cleanout

      Thanks for the help, Jay

      How did that job go for you then? Are you still at that job?

      They actually have a cleanout on the side of the building (at around the 160' mark from the 3" cleanout). That ones goes towards the street I believe. I don't believe they made it to that cleanout, but supposedly they were really close.

      So, the one we are putting in will go towards the street also, but that one is inside the building (40' from the 3" clean out in the wall and 120' from the outside cleanout).

      This cleanout is just in a hallway where people will be using wheelchairs and walking so that's why we wanted it pretty level.

      Thanks again for the help. - The Trusted Online Community For Homeowners and Contractors.

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        Re: Installing Industrial Cleanout

        I would go for one of these sioux cheif brand cleanout bodies that go over your stub and c/o cap.Depending on how much floor you can or cannot break up will determine a style for you.


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          Re: Installing Industrial Cleanout

          Sounds good! Thank you
 - The Trusted Online Community For Homeowners and Contractors.

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