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    Re: Do you barter?

    Originally posted by DELCASE View Post
    The Correct answer should be no, never , not me
    Errr yeah, that is what I meant.
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      Re: Do you barter?

      I like to barter, but the best way i have found is retail to retail. I pull a book price vs thier book price on whatever it is and someone pays the difference.


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        Re: Do you barter?

        I use to work for a guy who I hated, so when I went to fast food places we serviced I would trade the second drain for food. I never trade since opening my own company. The trades never seem worth it, and once you set the low price they always want that price.


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          Re: Do you barter?

          I've never had luck with bartering, or the job expands on my end like it was almost intentional, on their end.

          Seems like most times it doesn't work out in my favor.

          I had 3 guys build decks on my 2 family years ago, in trade for me running the plastic in this guy's 4 bath home, with all kinds of crazy add-ons.

          I made sure these guys were fed when they wanted it, fair enough.

          When this guy planted his footer/foundation in the ground, this guy wanted me to do the first rought, second rough, final....all 3 phases.

          No way, I said 2nd rough and that's all you're getting out of the deal.

          He tried to get me to move a shower in the basement before it was all done, tried to obligate me to run the copper with a buddy of mine...

          just a piss-poor example of how this guy and two guys and me and another guy was supposed to trade time for time (24 man hours) and he was looking for double.

          Never have I ever seen where a carpenter makes more than the plumber.

          That carpenter is hunting and pecking for work these days...

          These guys bring us food like 7 hours into the job where he almost had to go and get something to eat. Kinda rude knowing I took care of them.
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