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Arctic Blast...get ready for frozen pipes!

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    Re: Arctic Blast...get ready for frozen pipes!

    I always wondered why the water sitting in the belly of a pipe would freeze and bust a pipe...

    My brain said the water should have just expanded inside the pipe (up and down stream) path of least resistance and all...

    Funny thing about a belly freeze in copper pipe is that the pipe would always split lengthwise???



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      Re: Arctic Blast...get ready for frozen pipes!

      My brain also says things that are wrong

      Splits lenthwise because it's extruded?


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        Re: Arctic Blast...get ready for frozen pipes!

        I think it splits lengthwise because that's the weakest axis.
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          Re: Arctic Blast...get ready for frozen pipes!

          i have seen the pipe split like you guys are saying and i know what you mean by the seam.

          i've also seen 90's, 45's, and tee's popped at the back of the fitting. popped faucets and what i mean is the cartridge or split faucets. i've also seen the pipe and the fitting seperate at the joint due to a bad solder joint.

          sometimes it's faster and cheaper for the HO/BO to replace the whole domestic water distribution piping.

          the biggest mistake anybody can make when dealing with a frozen house/building is to get the heat back on and walk away from the building without turning the main domestic water shut-off valve off. the building thaws out and so do the split water pipes.

          the WH (HWT) will usually be ok because it's but it should be shut down anyways.

          i've been in a house that was vacant and froze. there wasn't any heat but the split water pipe in the bathroom continued for at least 2 days before somebody noticed. there was ice 1' high at the front door and as i walked to the source to the leak i walked up a baby glacier. in the bathroom the ice was about 4' from the ceiling. the glacier literally covered the entire floor of the house (1100 sq ft).