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Very bad tankless install!!!

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    Re: Very bad tankless install!!!

    nice photos

    i've said it before and i'll say it again.

    90% of all tankless i see are installed wrong.

    i installed a toilet 2 weeks ago at a home that just had a 300k addition/ remodel. i asked to see some of the work. including the new tankless in the basement

    i didn't have the heart to take my camera inside

    so i will let you use your imagination.

    picture a tankless in the basement with type b venting running between the joist approx. 20' to the outside wall. the b venting is not even an inch from the joist or plywood

    did i forget to mention that they also had gas flex connectors running through the wall.

    i told the owner to make sure she points this out to the inspector before he signs off on the building. still waiting for the results or the fire trucks


    great photos
    phoebe it is