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Richmond 40 gallon, family of seven

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  • Richmond 40 gallon, family of seven

    I have been shopping around for a water heater brand to carry. I was using the A.O. Smith brand. Skyrocket price increases is the main reason I am shopping.

    The past couple of years I have been installing this Richmond brand for home owners who want to supply their own. I have not heard any complaints.
    Today I picked my daughter up at her friends and was talking with the mother. She was telling me about the water bill. I asked to see the water heater, which was a Richmond 40 gallon installed in 2000. Very undersized, but was fuctioning well. Seven showers a day, maybe eight. Three or four loads of laundry and what ever else. Performing like a champ, never had any service issues.

    I am sold!

    P.S. They dont have a dime, so I didnt even try for a sale. If they need me, they will call.

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    Re: Richmond 40 gallon, family of seven

    Richmond is a Rheem subsidiary if I recall. No problems with the Rheems I've been installing. But they're price did increase in the last 6 months approxiamately 38% from my plumbing supply house.

    And for your useless info-Rheem is part of the Paloma group. Japan owned.



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      Re: Richmond 40 gallon, family of seven

      The Rheems we use 40/40,run near 425