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    Re: Bad Check

    Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
    I'm telling you if you go there politely you may get your money fast. Some people just can't handle seeing you in person at their house, work, or church.


    I agree, additionally it is against the law to write a bad check. Filing a police report is the first thing to do.

    Since you know where she lives stay on it, write a letter and have it mailed certified. In your letter inform her of your intent to sue unless payment is made.

    Did she sign an invoice agreeing to the work/charge?
    If not, then you need to learn more about contracts and authorization to perform work..
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      Re: Bad Check

      in all the years, i've only recieved 3 nsf checks.

      1 was from a doctor and 2 from lawyers

      the dr. ended up paying me cash about 4 weeks later $120.

      one lawyer it took a few runs to the bank and the branch manager took it from his overdraft limit.

      the last lawyer banks at the same bank as me and they caught it while processing my checks at the bank. so it didn't go through and saved them the money from the bank. they had a lot more checks that bounced though.

      sounds more like they don't want to pay you, than a bounced check.

      if their bank is in the area, go talk with the bank manager and see what's in their account.

      maybe by depositing $20.00 they will have the $100. in their account

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Bad Check

        Originally posted by NorthernIllinoisPlumber View Post
        That is a good idea, keep checking. If a check is cancelled, in 6 months the cancellation expires. Check the bank then. Or, go door to door and tell all their neighbors. Of course this worked in the old days. Now, most folks are not really suprised by people writing bad checks.

        Can't do that. Defamation of character. It's a great idea but if you're gonna do it right,

        Go to your local grocery store, any convenient store and take blank business cards and slip them under food cans, between bags of chips, in the bubble gum boxes. It'll be a surprise to everyone and nothing better than reaching for a can of green beans with a card stuck there, saying so-n-so writes bad checks and I can't afford this can of beans now.

        Put their phone number on there because when the store gets tired of seeing all of these cards sitting in their store,

        "Who you gonna call???"

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          Re: Bad Check

          Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post
          Can't do that. Defamation of character.
          Defamation is when you lie about someone...this is no lie. He has the bad check. Personally, I would not do it either. I would file a police report.


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            Re: Bad Check

            I was thinking the next time I do a job on Jason Bakers street, I'd do it for free as long as they let me erect a 3'X6' sign thats an exact replica of his bounced check, complete with NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS stamp
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              Re: Bad Check

              The last incident I had with a bad check went pretty well. I went to his house and received a cash payment by using water, my hair, and some skills I learned while working with people that have issues. I still laugh about that one.
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                Re: Bad Check

                I had one from a lady in a single-wide trailer. I gave her the price up front and she seemed quite happy with it.

                It wasn't a lot of money for a minor repair. The check came back - the account was closed. I tried calling the phone number on the check, and got somebody completely different who said she'd been getting lots of calls since getting that phone number. The account had been closed for two years.

                I checked with the bank. I checked with other people who'd been stiffed by her. She'd papered the town.

                I went to talk to her. She was giving me a run around. I told her all she did when she talked to me was lie and I was going to the sheriff. I threw my hands in the air and walked away.

                That night, she came to my door and paid me cash.

                But the story doesn't end there. A couple of months later, I get a letter from the prosecuting attorney notifying me that I'm going to get a check from them. I called the office to tell them I'd already been paid. "Well, he's in court." I get nowhere with them. A week after that, the check comes in the mail, and I return it to the courthouse - find the person handling the account and put it in their hand, explaining that I'm not going to get paid for the same job twice.