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  • Another Beautiful Tankless Install

    Customer says her new 3 month old water heater is leaking and the guy that installed it doesn't know what's wrong. It's in a crawlspace mounted next to a condensing furnace.

    The pictures speak for themselves

    It's supposed to vent separately through a side wall using a stainless steel vent kit. This guy decided to forego the additional cost and use PVC pipe instead. He was even too lazy to vent it out separately so he reduced it down to 2" and joined it with the furnace. This guy is a real pro.

    As it turns out, the heater wasn't actually leaking. The condensing furnace was pushing condensate back into the Rinnai and water dripped all over the control boards. Fried the unit. She gets to buy another tankless Friday.

    As I'm crawling out of the hole the homeowner asked if I fixed it

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    Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

    That installer needs an azzwhoopin' too. My favorite-packing tape.

    Surprised the PVC didn't melt & deform. Maybe the unit knew something was up and would shutdown prematurely.

    Digital camera is a real job closer/evidence finder. I can't wait to find one of these myself.



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      Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

      Get the guy's name and contact info. and report this situation to the building safety department. The criminal who installed that shouldn't just be getting away with it.
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        Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

        I hope the owner got a he77 of deal on that Hackjob

        I always wonder how folks that do stuff like this can even sleep night...


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          Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

          The only thing this one is missing is the pex gas line. Otherwise it's the complete package
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            Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

            do you know who did the job

            and did the home owner say he was the cheapest also

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              Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

              This is perfect.
              The homeowner was led to believe that this person was capable.
              I would love to have this one.I would not have a problem taking steps to minimize/stop entirely this persons ability to continue doing wrong in my community.
              The State has not been doing what it should to keep the unlicensed at bay and I'm seeing people closer to me using unlicensed,Uninsured people to do improvements.It's becoming more and more obvious lately.

              I laugh when I see the homeowner paying for the plumbing advertisements of the bigger companies.

              The joke's on me.
              The homeowner/Flipper wants to know why he has to hire someone with Workmans Comp,Liability,License.All that stuff costs him extra and he knows it.He can get the same job cheaper from a guy who does not have such an investment.


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                Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

                LOL Thanks for the pics!


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                  Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install


                  Put on your steel toe work boots, grab Yea Olde @$$ Blaster and some rock salt and go hunting. Once you find that hack blast his butt and then kick him hard in his little special zone.


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                    Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

                    In the first photo is that a galvanized Tee used with black iron?


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                      Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

                      The homeowner got what she paid for...
                      the hacker had to think real hard,,,to do that job


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                        Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

                        this stuff makes me sick to my stomach.


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                          Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

                          I dont know of any professional plumber that would do that. That had to be done by a handyman at a negotiated price.
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                            Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

                            I believe that one is worse than than the one I came across last Friday.
                            How the h**l did that unit operate in the first place. Seems to me it would never stay fired up. Send those pics to the guy that sold that unit to who ever installed it. Make sure he knows this why you sit through a class to understand how to install these water heaters and how they operate.


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                              Re: Another Beautiful Tankless Install

                              like i've said dozens of times before.

                              90% of tankless i come across are not installed properly.

                              but your's is a real keeper.

                              i'm going to see if the one i looked at a couple weeks ago has be fixed.

                              the contractor installed type b vent running between the joist from the basement to outside wall 20' away

                              phoebe it is