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washer drains stink

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  • washer drains stink

    The last few weeks i ran into 3 smelly washer drains
    all of them had the fancy washers that use less water
    What i found is they pump a little water , a bunch of times ,
    and the trap gets nasty,but wont over flow, then it drains out slow , and sucks the trap out ,and stinks
    all it needs is a closet auger ran in the trap ,and a good flush with the washer hose


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    Re: washer drains stink

    Usually it's actually coming from the washer. It takes very little turnover to keep the "stink" out of the trap.



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      Re: washer drains stink

      It's going to get even better. It used to be that when I did the plumbing for a new house, I would get into the plan stage with the homeowner to see about putting the laundry as far back to the end of the house as possible. My thinking was that with the reduced "carry" factor with the low flow toilets, I was hoping that three or four wash loads a week would help keep the sewer line clear by dumping a lot or water on the drain cycle. I am sure that I am not the only one out here that has seen perfectly healthy looking lines that are THICK with paper and sewage. A 1.6 flush will not always show a major problem on a toilet that is flushed in the morning and then at night. The water seeps down and the good stuff compacts itself down the line. I never saw stoppages like this twenty or thirty years ago. So back to the washing machine drain line, I ran into some nasty laundry line stoppages where those new style washing machines were involved. It seem that because these machines use so little water that they also dump very little water. The drain lines were thick with goo and tough to clear having to run my machine more than three times. It used to be that the laundry line was the cleanest line in the house and all I used to pull out was lint. Anyone else notice similar situations?


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        Re: washer drains stink

        The 3rd one we actually flushed a comode and heard it at the washer.
        Its like a low flow com ,clears the bowl ,but hard on the sewer
        Just not enough water flow
        It is a easy service call