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"Easy Water" water softeners?????

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    Re: "Easy Water" water softeners?????

    Easywater is a fraud. I am an electrical engineer and I tell you that no electrical field will penetrate a metal pipe.

    And if it could, there is no way it could charge the calcium particles.

    A sucker is born every minute.


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      Re: "Easy Water" water softeners?????

      As a follow up I did get a reply but not from anyone technical.
      They indicated they never saw the need to get FCC type acceptance. sorry I forgot to ask about CSA and UL listings.

      But I fault our federal government as the FCC is another impotent entity. I think the FCC quit being useful around 1968. I'll refrain from going into a rant.

      99% if the consumer electric and electronics junk entering our country produces lots of electrical pollution known as RF [radio frequency] interference.

      I conclude this device is a scam and hopefully those reading this topic will avoid purchasing
      the Easy-Water

      Cactus Man