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  • Drain?

    This Is my shower Drain. I get a foul smell every time someone takes a shower. I ran a pipe down my vent pipe and it was not cloged. what should i do? And what is that cilinder thing? does the top come off?



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    Eric that cylinder object is the shower trap. This is an old method to trap fixtures to prevent sewer gases from fouling the room. That type of trap is called a Drum trap and the top is removable for the purpose of cleaning. These traps are not permitted in the state of Mass. where I live but I run into them quite often.

    Now you might be getting odors because of build up of solid waste in trap from hair and dirt. If possible carefully remove cap by holding back on trap body with pipe wrench and turning cap with another wrench. Clean out trap thouroughly and run shower slowly to flush out. Replace cap and be sure to seal threads with recto seal or run threaded cap through wax ring.

    REMEMBER hold back on trap body.

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      I have been in the house for 19 years and i think it is time for cleaning