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    Re: Golden Oldie (pics)

    Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass on the harvest gold potty.
    Being a plumber, aren't you used to people's funny looks, gusty?


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      Re: Golden Oldie (pics)

      Now don't anybody start yelling or calling me crazy, but there once was a fixture called a female urinal and this picture looks just like that. I can not remember where, but I know that have seen an installation with more than one of these installed. This would fit right in with what OkieBill said:

      Originally posted by OkieBill View Post
      ... So the story goes the second floor was used as a brothel...
      Does anyone have a reeeeal old American Standard Catalog??

      Also, I remember our high school as well as another gymnasium I frequented as a kid had built- in drinking fountains with an "expectorant" fixture next to it. When you turned on the water to take a drink, there was a spray of water that washed the walls of the expectorant receptacle. Maybe a hurling receptacle isn't so far fetched.


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        Re: Golden Oldie (pics)

        My brother was stationed in Germany in the late 70's. He was puzzled by what looked liked kinda like monkey bars over a fixture in the bathroom. He was whizzing in the urinal, when a local came in, grabbed onto the monkey bars and puked into fixture. It was basically grab bars for a puke sink.


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          Re: Golden Oldie (pics)

          Originally posted by Plumbus View Post
          I would love to have one of those urinals. I love old plumbing. Here's some pictures I took of the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee a couple of years ago. While there I bought a replica copy of the J.L Mott plumbing catalog originally published in 1888.
          Quick question:
          What year did American Radiator and Standard Sanitation merge?
          I love to look at old plumbing, but if I was asked to unstop that old sink I would cringe, and get them to sign my pre-authorization damage waiver on my invoice.

          Thank for the pics!