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A day in Hacktown

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  • A day in Hacktown

    Well another interesting adventure in Hacktown today...

    Sewer decides it does not want to clear so Bill pulls out his Scout for a locate The scout must be wrong...

    Sewer makes a beeline for the neighbors house...

    It would appear that my problem sewer is tied into the neighbors **WTF**

    Talked to the neighbor and did another locate to verify both lines locations ... Both houses come into a Wye and tap city main as one pipe!

    What a mess...

    Here is a fine example of my work today...

    Sometimes I wonder why I even get out of bed some days...


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    Re: A day in Hacktown

    Do you in fact live in the plumbing twilight zone?
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      Re: A day in Hacktown

      not totally uncommon here in the older neighborhoods.

      years ago i was snaking a main and came back with white oil base paint

      turns out the neighbors had a painter working there and was washing out his brushes

      if it wasn't for the paint, i wouldn't know it was a common line.

      even lots of easements into lower lots where the line runs through.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: A day in Hacktown

        We have some of it to in older neighbor hoods..
        They play a waiting game with each other ,,
        Its called who ever calls gets the plumbing Bill


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          Re: A day in Hacktown

          The neighbor is being pretty good about it... you never know I may end up with a two for one sewer deal...

          Today is a new day...


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            Re: A day in Hacktown

            In the city of Yonkers a couple weeks ago I found a 12" city sewer line running right through an apartment buildings basement. Ill look for the pics! No joke it was hung from the ceiling!


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              Re: A day in Hacktown


              when your having one of those days, take one of these.

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                Re: A day in Hacktown

                I see that here also in older neighborhoods.

                In cases I've seen, usually happens when one large property is sold in pieces. And since sewers are expensive to dig up they all just tie in. Decades later, the new owners find out the hard way.

                The last one I found, the house was the second from the corner. The sewer went around to the back, out to the left through the neighbors backyard to the city sewer clean out on the other side of the neighbors back yard by the side street.

                I kept pulling mud out of the line from a spot under the neighbors PAVED backyard between the pool and the house. The cable would go straight into the mud, there was no finessing it around anything. One foot your in pipe, the next foot your digging in the mud. I suspect that when the neighbors paved their backyard and installed the pool they destroyed her sewer.

                I can imagine that conversation

                Guy #1 - "Hey, where's this line coming from?"
                Guy #2 - "Hmm, everything ties in over here, don't it?"
                Sends the helper in to run some water.
                Guy #2 - "Well there's no water coming out, everything's coming through over here, must be abandoned. Cover it, don't worry about it."

                This was a rental property and the owner, who lived out of town, went into denial mode, because she had been planning on selling the place but now was stuck with a major problem. In the end she was mad at me after her downstairs tenant moved out, because I wasn't a miracle worker. When I would tell her this was a major problem that needed attention she would say something like, "Let's just wait another week, and see how it goes"

                "Well your tenants toilet is not working."

                "Oh, well, what else can we do"

                "Mrs. So & So, I've already explained this 10 times, have a nice day."

                I don't do sewer repairs, thankfully, so I told her to hire a company that does. I wasn't about to recommend plumbers I liked to this person. Don't know how that job ended.


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                  Re: A day in Hacktown

                  Did a big add/alt on a recently purchased flag lot house. A week after occupancy, a stoppage develops. Cable hits something real hard about 100' from the house. Locater shows the line running parallel to the driveway, on the neighbor's side of the property line. Seems that recently the neighbor added onto his house and when sinking one of his foundation piers they went right through my HO's sewer line, which wasn't noticed at the time because the house was unoccupied. When my HO approached the neighbor, the guy was not very understanding, as in "I see YOU have a problem". My Ho goes down to the city offices to find an answer to how his house's original sewer line got placed on his neighbor's property. A little research at the county records office shows that his property has a sewer easement running toward the street ON HIS NEIGHBOR'S SIDE OF THE PROPERTY LINE. Once the neighbor gets wind his addition encroaches upon my HO's easement, his attitude miraculously transforms from "what are you going to do" to "what are we going to do".


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                    Re: A day in Hacktown

                    City inspector gave both homeowners a treat today

                    Each residence must have it's own tap into the city main...

                    Since homeowner #2 has the straight shot my customer gets to run a new line to the opposite side of the street and all of the headaches that it entails $$$$



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                      Re: A day in Hacktown

                      A common sewer hookup in Toronto in a 100 year old is not unusual. I share a sewer with my neighbour. Each of our 4" sewers (mine PVC, the neighbour's is still clay) wye into a 6" clay pipe to the street. I guess 100 years ago running 2x 4" runs to the houses was alot more work hand digging the trenches rather than just running a single 6" pipe?


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                        Re: A day in Hacktown

                        Usually depends on when things are built & the right of way. You can still connect MULTIPLE sewers once you leave the property lines.



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                          Re: A day in Hacktown

                          How did the city inspector learn about this?
                          Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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                            Re: A day in Hacktown

                            I called him since he is going to have to sign off on the job before I fill in the ditch(s)...

                            I only have one inspector so he always gets a heads up



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                              Re: A day in Hacktown

                              I drove through hacktown today.

                              This is the vent for the toilet coming off.

                              This was a guy getting a house ready to become rental property.All the cleanouts were rocked over.
                              Sharkbite fittings all over the place.

                              The condensation on this water heater is from the furnace backdrafting into it!!
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