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    Re: TOTO Toilets

    I really love Toto toilets. I don't know of any problems that Liberty Sewer talked about nor do we get kick backs for selling them. They just work great, I own the Drake ADA and that is what I put in my moms house also.

    Out of all the Kohlers, American Standards & Mansfield's I have installed, Toto is the only one I get great reviews on.
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      Re: TOTO Toilets

      Originally posted by MrsSeatDown View Post
      Do you know what your toto toilets are missing?

      A toto bidet seat!
      You took the words right out of my mouth. That bidet seat will make all toilets better!!!


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        Re: TOTO Toilets

        If you're putting Toto Drakes back to back, plumb their waste lines separately.
        I plumbed a pair of Drake's B to B with a fig #5 and whenever one flushed it created fluctuations in the water seal of the other one. Turned out that Toto knew of the problem and didn't have a solution. So, I reworked the waste by adding a parallel riser and the problem went away. Frankly, it wasn't a real problem, like lost trap seal, just an annoyance for the HO, who was (of course) a very particular individual.


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          Re: TOTO Toilets

          Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
          the toto/ hunter ballcock is junk. they last a few years and fail.

          the fluidmaster is the #1 ballcock for a reason. that's why kohler and american standard gave up on thier own models and switched over to the fluidmasters.

          the toto's with the sani-gloss finish are easier to keep clean.

          So how do you REALLY feel.


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            Re: TOTO Toilets

            I installed a customer supplied Toto Aquia .9 gal dual flush toilet and it stuck on right after the first flush. I took the Hunter valve apart 5 times till it worked right. Poor swirl action also and small wet area at bottom of bowl. I didn't care for the plastic blocks that had to be screwed to the floor for mounting, or the adapter that bolted to the clost ring. The toilet wasn't really secure untill the caulking dried. The way the tank recesses into the bowl imitating a one piece design can hide gasket leaks from being detected right away. I wasn't liking this model.
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              Re: TOTO Toilets

              I have a Toto Drake and love it. I appreciate that it isn't as noisy as my old Gerber Powerflush upstairs.

              As to the Cimmaron, I had to auger one - the customer had company and the other elderly gentleman was very embarrassed because he'd done nothing to plug it. FWIW - the auger went through easily . . .

              I still think that other companies are trying to catch up to Toto. I'm not happy that it's a Japanese toilet made in China, but they look nice and work well.

              And I've preferred the Hunter/Korky fill valves over the Fluidmaster for years. We have hard water and the tube on the Fluidmaster can get unworkable while the Korky isn't affected by it.


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                Re: TOTO Toilets

                I've got a one-piece cimarron with class 5 in my upstairs Bathroom and I love it. Haven't had a single plug yet. RE-fixture-ing the downstairs bathroom, I'm going to put in a drake. Then I will have extensive first hand knowledge when it comes to recommending toilets to my customers.
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                  Re: TOTO Toilets

                  I just installed a Toto Drake toilet in one of the schools staff bathroom. I really think they have a weak flush! Way too short/fast of a flush in my opinion. No swirl action either! I will leave a plunger next to this one! My quest for the perfect (moderately priced) gravity toilet continues.