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Chain snapper cleaning tip ( pics )

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    Re: Chain snapper cleaning tip ( pics )

    Originally posted by Mikes Plumbing View Post
    A good friend and fellow competitor brought back my soil snapper he borrowed while his was being fixed. When he handed it to me he asked how it was possible to have a chain that clean after so many years. His big complaint was that he oils his but it always gets all gunked up, and when it gets muddy its hard to clean.

    I showed him how I keep my chain real clean and thought you fellas might like it as well.

    At any farm equipment dealer or auto parts house you can get a gallon of "GUNK" brand cleaner that comes with a basket for dipping small greasy parts into. The basket is worthless so I throw it out. I don't clean the chain every time but I tend to clean it about every 4 or 5 jobs worth of snaps. Real quickly I wire brush it if it's muddy then dip the chain in the gallon jug for 30 min. or so. Then I just pull it out and spray it with an aerosol lub. The key part is the next time I clean it it takes the old oil off and the grit that stick to it. The grit is what's hard on the chain. My chain looks like brand new, and the links are perfect. Mike
    Thanks,for the tip.
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