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10 way cast iron junction

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    Re: 10 way cast iron junction

    Originally posted by Ace Sewer View Post
    The kitchen sinks are a drag; I've done two in this complex and both times had to jet until the water was clear enough to see thru, then cam in to the junction and watch my equipment to make the drop. This is the one time I'd like to work from a vent, but it's three stories up on a steep snow covered roof, so I'll stick with the camera method. The upside is I'm the only one who's been able to do these sinks at all, so they just grin and bear it when the bill comes.
    You jet it?

    I know from reading your past posts that your a jetter fan, but back to back sinks on a cross blinded by 90's??? Holy Crap!!!

    If that's the case then...

    I'm not a fan of drop heads either.

    I'm usually successful with creative bending of hollow core cable with no attachment. Sometimes it takes over an hour of reversing rotation and readjusting the tip, to get it just right. I get them open probably 95 percent of the time. If roof and attic access are not an option, and can't get the cable down it's time to open wall and add a cleanout with access panel.


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      Re: 10 way cast iron junction

      I'm sitting here thinking about all of the black grease and food muck that comes out of a K/S arm.

      I can't imagine jetting it, you must have to coordinate a wet vac, buckets, camera, and jet.

      More power to you.

      I think I'd have an easier time juggling swords or bowling balls.