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  • RIDGID needs your opinions!

    Due to recent economic conditions, the Ridge Tool Company has accumulated some excess inventory. During a discussion about the situation with my boss, I suggested that we might come to you, the forum users, and solicit your thoughts.

    We would like to find a way to offer the inventory at reduced prices to the public through the web (or otherwise), but there are two important considerations. The first is that the Ridge Tool Company does not sell directly to end users, except in a very limited way at The second concern is that we are sensitiveve to our brand image and do not want RIDGID to be thought of as a "discount" brand.

    Any suggestions or thoughts you may have on this subject would be welcome. We consider the forum users to be among our most discriminating users; the people we call "Expert Demanders", or "Ed" for short. Your opinions are truly valuable to us.

    In a separate but related issue, we have also been considering an online coupon offer. Would it motivate you to buy one of our threaders or drain cleaners if you could download a coupon for $50? If not, what would you suggest?

    As a disclaimer, please do not take anything I say to be company policy. I am only a lowly web developer, soliciting the opinions of our customers through this electronic medium.

    Norm Bennett

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    grainger has an site that you can sell your excess inventory at fixed or auction prices.


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      <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BILLG:
      grainger has an site that you can sell your excess inventory at fixed or auction prices.


      Good suggestion, Bill. We have people looking into that option, but as I understand it, Grainger's requirements make for a lot of overhead costs that would eat up any potential profits.


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        If you are serious about reducing your inventory, try offering us the "Bargains" direct via e-mail.
        If your dealers won't pick up the slack sell it direct.


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          Offer your excess inventory to students currently enrolled in plumbing classes!


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            My biggest complaint is the WEEKS it takes to get RIDGID equipment. For instance, I have been waiting since January for my 3800
            snake. I"m told that they will not be available until March. I had the same delay with my K40.

            Excellent equipment but I can"t get it in a timely manner.


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              What if you put a posting of used ridgid tools for sale, and just say your old stock is for sale as is.I would love to upgrade my power tools if I could just sell the old ones.


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                Norm, why not offer tools for sale over this forum. All you would have to do is print a coupon to be used at our supply house. We would pay them the set price on the coupon. You can make some kind of % agreement with them which would be in the cost to us. I would like to note this would bring more people to your forums.