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  • Delta Neo-Style Kitchen Faucet

    Everyone probably know this but me. I'm only posting about this because it drove me crazy for so long.
    The spout was leaking from around the top of the bonnet, so I knew there had to be some way to separate the bonnet from the adapter that screwed into the faucet body. (please pardon the long-winded explanation here) in order to get to the o-ring.
    But it would not come apart and I tried everything. I even called Delta support (even though they don't show the faucet on their website anymore) and the tech told me it just pulled off. As you can see from the pic that is a joke! Let's just say the thing that finally got it apart was 'severe vibration'.

    Looking at the picture,(sorry I don't have one to post of this), the spout will now pull out of the adapter. What is visible in the photo is the "thin o-ring rp1129). When the spout is pulled out of the adapter the "thick o-ring rp20049" is accessible.
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