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What fixtures???

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    Re: What fixtures???

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post

    i just changed the one in the master 4 months ago to get it washlet/ bidet ready. the seat to tank distance was not enough to allow for the new seat

    I keep reading those words over and over. Could it be? No, I won't let myself read to much into it.

    I work in a few rentals. Gerber cheap toilets because they have a great tank to bowl bolt system. Delta or Delta knock off faucets because I've always got parts. Good points on the fake marble counter tops verses lamanet. Standerd vent or electric. W/H- I guess I prefer electric now because closed combustion makes changing parts a little more difficult. NO powervents. No trip levers for the Tubs. I can't think of the kind with the 1/2 dollars size stopper with the oring around it. That seems to be the best for rentals.

    I think most importantly is good shut offs at every fixture.