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Mixing auger heads

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  • Mixing auger heads

    Has anyone ever tried to use a larger auger tip from the k-750 model on the k-380 model? I know the pieces won't be able to connect without some fabrication, but would the motor and cable handle it?

    I would really like to use a Blade #92890 on the k-380.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    The reason I want to do this is because I would like to use a 4" blade instead of the 2" ones that are offered for that model.


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      My thoughts are as soon as you hit a stoppage you will damage both yourself and your cable. There is a reason they don't sell 4" blades for the K-380
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        i use that saw blade on my k-7500- 3/4'' machine. it works great. as utah stated, you'll have a nasty time even thinking about roots with the 380. even if you put a 1/2'' cable into the machine, you'll run the risk of getting kinked and then stuck.
        sort of like using a trout, fresh water pole to fish for shark. you'll get a bite, but you'll lose the line.
        i have adapted many cutters to work on the 750- 7500 machine. one of my favorites is the 4'' x 6'' expanding cutters. it was designed for the 1500 sectional machine. works great on the 3/4'' cable.
        if you plan on cutting roots, get a larger machine. when you lose your cable, it's going to be costly to replace and then to clear the line of the stoppage and cable.


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          I agree with Rick and Utah. The k 380 is not up for use on jobs that would require that cutting head. These machines are designed for certain uses, when you try to use a drain cleaner for a sewer cleaner you are going to either cost yourself or a customer a lot of headaches.

          You might get lucky and open a few lines but you will end up with a mess and it will be sooner rather than later. Please pay attention to what these other guys write as they have a lot of service experience, I have more than a little bit myself.
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            Would any of you recommend any blades for the k-380 model that will cut through roots?

            I have a 4" sewer pipe that clogs year after year and I have just had it with renting the tool everytime to clear it out.

            If you can recommend such a blade, how would it work at clearing a 4" pipe?


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              This is the 63025-T209 2" spiral cutter. The manual says this will work on the k-380 model.

              Would this help clear a 4" pipe of roots ?


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                Ridgid User,

                Please understand I mean no offense. The machine you have is not intended for use in a 4 inch main full of roots. It will do a fine job in lines up to three inches. Its not designed for a 4 inch main with a root problem regardless what head you put on it.

                Using that machine on a four inch pipe that you know is full of roots is like asking a 1/2 ton pick up to pull a 13,000 pound trailer. Its just not made for it.
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                  Hi plumber and all others that responded. I do appreciate the real world feedback you have given me thus far. Thanks a lot!