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Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

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  • Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

    My GC and I are at an impass...

    Here is the background:

    In a nutshell it comes down to this... I did not plan this job and don't like the direction it has gone.

    The sticking point is this... I will NOT run a full bathroom + a urinal on 1/8" per foot between floors on a 2 story rough... IMO The book says I can but 1/8 is an accident waiting to happen ( this run would have (4) 90 degree turns in it one of them being a drop , this is all before it gets to the slab)

    The total developed length of the 3" run is 42' which I have exactly 8" to do it in along with the changes in direction (Did I mention the fact that these joists are on 12" centers and the current idea is to coupling it to death !!!!)

    I have presented a cost effictive solution to the GC (another stub up / sewerline on an exterior wall)

    The book says "I can" is not always the right answer. It is my name and company that will have to back things up if things go bad.

    So it is gonna have to be my way on this one....

    Wish me luck with my meeting in the morning


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    Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

    oh yea almost forgot....


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      Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

      Bill, I know it sticks in the craw a bit but honestly, I doubt you will ever have a problem with the 1/8" pitch. Waste is designed to convey at 2' per second and 1/8 ipf has proven to accomplish that. Probably not what you wanted to hear but I've been running 1/8 for years and never ever had one problem.


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        Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

        Thanks NH. I've ran a few miles myself in many situation where that's all the fall allowed to you.

        At one time it could be even less if an engineer signed off on your system.



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          Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

          Anytime I had to run a sewer line at 1/8 per foot I would contact my inspector and basically ask his permission first. Just having an inspector visit the job site with some of your concerns in mind may be all that it will take to get this job going in the right direction.


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            Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

            out here upc. 1/8'' is only allowed on 4'' and larger with the approval of the administrative authority.

            plastic is tuff to maintain 1/8'' if it's not true.

            phoebe it is


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              Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

              I have done it a lot and never had a call back. I think it isn't quite an issue with plastic, it flows better than cast.


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                Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...


                don't tell anybody

                I have ran 1/8" for the last 10 or 12 years using a hanger system, h*&& I plumbed my house that way in '96. You just have to be sure that your pipe is secured well.

                I would not recommend doing it in the dirt on a slab though unless you have good backfill and bed properly.



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                  Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

                  Now the fricken Riser is coming up in the wrong spot,against the TJI's.It's not your fault that you were not given the plans.Cut the concrete.It is the generals responsi....
                  Sorry I keep forgetting this guys not qualified.We're full of them out here.

                  Good luck tommorrow Bill.

                  Let him know if he would run his next project accordingly he wouldn't be cutting and patching concrete.


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                    Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

                    Tomorrow morning I get up at 5:30 to beat the prep cooks on the first floor and the showerers on the 5 floors above them to try to clean the barnacles off of 50' of 4" cast run dead ****ing flat with 4, count them 4! 90's for no discernable reason other than to avoid coredrilling a hole to the garage all with **** for access. I will make a grand mess, and may or may not make things any better. It's one thing to meet code, it's another to install something that will actually work.

                    Stick to your guns.
                    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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                      Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

                      Years ago plumbing a walmart, i had 1700 ft to the man hole ,
                      every piece of pipe from the main bathrooms to the city was layed at 1/8 per ft ,only 2 extra inches to play with....No problems
                      smaller pipe was at a 1/4" per ft


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                        Re: Just because the codebook says (IPC)...

                        I forgot the best part of that job,,i was just over 3 years into plumbing,
                        The master plumber that trained me moved back to florida ,
                        so the state let me take my journeyman test early..
                        It would just erk me when the boss would come out and give me a few service calls to run when all i had was a backhoe operator and two guy i hired on the site left there ...It would take me a while to figure out were i was when i got back....

                        Now on my own i stay with what im doing