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  • Phone book question

    If this question is in the wrong forum, feel free to move it.

    The new phone books just came out a few days ago. Every year, there are always ads for plumbers with phony license numbers, or ads with no license number at all. This year there is an ad from a competitor that had his license revoked two years ago, a full page ad for a new company advertising service work with a general contractors license number, and a full page ad for a new company with no license number.

    That pisses me off.

    What do other people do when they come across this stuff? I'm going to notify the state contractors board, but what are they going to do? They can't take away the guys license again. I am fortunate that I have more work then I can handle, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down, but that is not the point. I hate seeing these other people trying to cheat the system, and it ends up affecting every one of us.

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    Re: Phone book question

    Report it for sure! There may be heavy fines $$$ associated with advertising as a plumbing contractor without a license. In my state, a legit license number needs to be on all contractor advertising. Of course it is rarely ever enforced. But if you report it, someone may look into it.
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      Re: Phone book question


      Theres a guy in the book here that advertises his journeyman license when you need a masters to run a plumbing company. I thought about reporting him but haven't yet.