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  • isometric graph paper

    So, yesterday I was finalizing a bid proposal package and doing some isometric sizing sketches that the city needs for plan check and all I had was a 6x6 isometric sketch pad that one of my local supply houses gives away. So I went and checked out dice...then I did a google search and found this site:

    it allows you to custom make just about any size, any type of graph paper that you may want. Made my life easier...and it was free.

    Hope someone else can benefit from this site.


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    Re: isometric graph paper

    Very cool! (showing my geekish side)

    Thanks Greg!


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      Re: isometric graph paper

      I try to go with 24X36 or 30X48 drafting paper sold at most office supply and use my 30-60-90.A lot of times I can fit all three systems plus the Water Heater Diagram and Service Riser.

      Good luck bidding.

      How much are they paying you to draw for the winning bidder?


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        Re: isometric graph paper

        I usually use the Little plastic thingy ...I Keep photocopying the first sheet I got when i need some ...:-)



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          Re: isometric graph paper

          There are a number of graph paper templates for Excel on the Microsoft Office
          website. Do a template search, they call it "Triangular Graph Paper"

          Click image for larger version

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            Re: isometric graph paper

            Fookin' sweet! Thank you for that!