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All customers are a pain

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    Re: All customers are a pain

    Does anyone happen to know what the overhead burden is for a large shop with 3-5 people in the office, perhaps a warehouse/parts runner person, and a few supervisors?

    While the overhead is divided by the total number of service trucks, the one or two truck operation must pay all of the overhead with a limited amount of trucks. If one is down , in a two truck operation , the over head is being carried by only one truck.

    In the larger shop, where there may be twenty trucks "earning", the overhead per truck may actually be lower than for the small shop.

    When people say we are "charging too much", I like to ask them how much we should be charging. They either state that they do not know, or quote such low figures that they open me up to giving the lecture about insurance, uniforms, drop cloths, reliability, health insurance, advertising, etc., etc., etc..
    Of course we do not get the job, we weren't going to anyhow, but I feel better that I went down fighting. I particularly love to give the lecture to the Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys and Opticians who say that we (plumbers) do not have any overhead!

    Its part of the business, the customer wants cheap, but we have to pay our bills and try to make a profit while retaining a customer base. I tell people what I believe to be a truism... it isn't the work that is difficult, it is the customers.