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  • RPZ Testers....

    The company I work for sends me off to do test on 2 rpz's.
    I give a call back to the office to text me over brand,size bla bla bla so I can be ready if I have to fetch repair parts,we don't carry them as regular stock as we don't get that many calls.
    BUT......we don't have any running data base for this!!!!
    So I'm thinking a simple spread sheet and a few columns for each customer
    on this..Brand,serial number, test results,install date.
    What are you doing?

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    Re: RPZ Testers....

    I have an excel spread sheet with the same indicating all that you mentions and we sent out postcards to scehdule testing and rebuilding as required by law. I can post the spreadsheet tonite if interested.


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      Re: RPZ Testers....

      I've also used an excel spreadsheet, but right now I'm looking at some software that will keep track all of that data, as week as generate the pre-test letters on a monthly basis. Just looking at the software to see if it can save some time overall, and be a little more efficient.

      Do you have any problems getting parts? I have three local suppliers that can bring in almost anything that I ask for, but every so often I've come across a device that is an oddball for the area. We get some contractors coming in from out of town bringing their own assemblies, because some engineer spec'd out what they saw somewhere and did the old 'cut and paste'. If my suppliers can't get oddball parts in time can get them almost anywhere in North America inside of 48 hours.



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        Re: RPZ Testers....

        There are a number of software packages to handle tracking of backflow testing.

        You can find a long list of links to just about everything backflow here:

        Scroll down about half way for a list of backflow software providers.

        Look at XCX2 and Tokay, they have some well thought out software available.

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          Re: RPZ Testers....

          A spreadsheet for this sounds a little excessive to me. Just put a note in the customers file whether in Quickbooks or Peachtree or whatever.
          I put it in my blackberry while I'm checking the device, along with whatever repairs I make that day.

          I also don't go to the added expense of sending out pre-test letters. The city sends out the notice and the people call. That's pretty efficient.

          Of course, if you are an irrigation contractor like Fireguy97, just test it when you de-winterize the system (as required by law) and give the test report to the customer at that time or save it for when they do get their notice.
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