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  • Quality or Repeat

    I was taught to always do the best job I could. And still I'm sure there are many times I could do better. I usually find something wrong with every job I complete.

    But reading about running traps made me think..... Should I try to put things in position to cause repeat business?

    Should running traps be left in with the idea that they are more likely to clog? Or should the owner be informed about it and the option of removal given?

    Should light gauge metal p-traps be used under sinks?

    Should a galvanized nipple be used?

    That's what businesses larger than alot of our's are doing.

    Water heaters don't last as long. Pumps either in my experience.

    Should small business follow the ways of multimillion dollar "Big Business"?



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    Re: Quality or Repeat

    I prefer quality and honesty.

    I want the type of customers that will appreciate both and use me because of it.

    The people who dont care or cant afford quality will not be loyal anyway.

    Not that I'm expensive anyway, more in the middle with prices, but there is always someone cheaper.

    If you provide quality work you'll get quality repeat customers.
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      Re: Quality or Repeat

      Small companies have the luxury of doing what our consciences dictate, as well as satifying our pride in workmanship, even when unappreciated by the customer. We can follow the Big time operators or not. It is up to us and our sense of ethics, morals, and fair play.

      Whew that is too heavy for this time of night!!


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        Re: Quality or Repeat

        Doing anything less than your best is not professional.Doing quality work in and of its self will create repeat business but in a good way.Only you can decide how you run your business but quality work always serves you well in the long run.


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          Re: Quality or Repeat

          Originally posted by slink View Post
          Doing anything less than your best is not professional.Doing quality work in and of its self will create repeat business but in a good way.Only you can decide how you run your business but quality work always serves you well in the long run.
          I can do my best with a 20 guage p-trap as well as a 17 guage p-trap. Both are quality work, it just depends on how much quality one desires. My customers run the spectrum and the ones who cannot afford the highest quality parts seem just as loyal to me as the others.

          If work is slow then I might inform the customer that replacing that running trap would save headaches down the line (how'd you like that pun!). But, if things are busy then there is nothing wrong with status quo as far as I'm concerned.

          I think we have all lost jobs because we priced the best material into our estimates and someone else priced them on the cheap.

          And of course, if it were an ethical issue then where would you draw the line? "Ma'am, you have some galvanized water lines and cast iron drain lines so I recommend repiping your whole house."

          I don't think I would knowingly do inferior work just so I would have some repeat business later. But, then again, I haven't been that slow yet!

          I do offer on every call to plant some FREE RIVER BIRCH saplings in the yard to hide those unsightly cleanout plugs.
          "Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself envied." Mark Twain


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            Re: Quality or Repeat

            theres an old guy here who i studdied under for my journeyman's test he was a plumber and a inspector his hole life. his 5 boys are someway or another in the plumbing trade, he's even written parts of the code book. when you get to talking to him about plumbing you can see it in his eye's almost a way a proud dad talks about his kids. there is no shame or guilt in them. i believe a man can only get that look one way and thats by doing whats right. i hope i can have that same look one day
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              Re: Quality or Repeat

              There are usually different levels of "fix" that will work for varying periods of time. I try to present things so that the customer can decide how much and what level of repair they want.

              I can patch this and have to come back or I can rebuild it and solve the problem for years.
              I can install any fixture you'd like I recommend a more quality product not (bradford white) but if you want something less I'll do it too.

              Then I put the cheap crap in that they usually want. But I do it so it will work and last as long as it can.
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                Re: Quality or Repeat

                I dont want to beat Jc up ...hes pulling are legs
                instead of a korky + he could go back to reg black korky flappers they dont last long, tell them they need more chlorine tabbs in the tank


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                  Re: Quality or Repeat

                  I have always beleived quality service and putting pride into your work. I am dealing with peple cutting there prices and to get work.(I can go broke sittin at home not working for pennies.) I may not have as much work as they do. But I still have my pride and get to go behind them and fix what they were in to big of a hurry to slow down a little and take that extra step to make their work be a little better.
                  J.C. follow your good concience. (hope I spelled that right)


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                    Re: Quality or Repeat

                    I am with you J.C. i dont believe in good enough, it is either good or no good. I always do the best job I can whatever it may be from grading a backyard, to designing a shopping center to changing washers in a faucet. I always do the best I can. Everyjob to the best of my ability anything less just doesnt cut it in my book!


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                      Re: Quality or Repeat

                      If you were going to turn on a reg customer what are some of the tricks we can use ???

                      We got tankless waterheaters,, and pex pipe ,, but what if you were real mean


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                        Re: Quality or Repeat

                        Using cheaply made materials can really cost you down the road in call backs and liability claims.


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                          Re: Quality or Repeat

                          I can't leave crap even if I didn't do it. I have told more than a few customers that the last guy screwed them. They 99% of the time say fix it and I will pay you. If you leave someone elses mess it always comes back as your mess.