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  • Solar Hot Water

    The rising popularity of tankless water heaters as well as mod/con boilers, though arguably not merited from an economic standpoint, seems to indicate a desire on many levels for a modern substitute to generations old American tank type hot water technology. That said, I'm surprised we don't see more discussion, on this site at least, of solar hot water systems, especially from those plumbers plying their craft in the lower latitude "Sun Belt" of the US. Lots of sun and low ∆T's seem ideal for solar hot water. Some of the new solar systems seem attractive as far north as my 37.5ยบ location. I've even got a customer whose had me sub meter his water heater just to see how much gas it consumes to get an idea of potential savings.

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    Re: Solar Hot Water

    In Tucson the people that sell install and service solar water heaters are an industry to themselves.

    People call the Solar store to get solar units. So I don't have much experience with them.

    I have replaced 2 units where there were issues with the fluid (anti freeze like ) stuff they use to heat the water leaking out. I have disconnected solar loops before installing regular water heaters. The customers said that they were not worth the hassle. I think it is a small percentage that don't like them.


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      Re: Solar Hot Water

      we're looking into solar HW. several friends and acquaintances have them and really like the savings over the old electric (very few gas HWH here) heaters. plus you can heat the pool for winter usage

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