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Geothermal Heat pumps for swimming pool

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  • Geothermal Heat pumps for swimming pool

    I am aware that there is one main company that has cornered the market on this type of work in my area. I was asked by one of the condominium complexes in my area to give them a price to install geothermal heat pumps for their two large swimming pools. Even though I have never installed one of these systems before, I have absolutely no doubt that I could...especially with my vast pipefitting experience. I was wondering if any of you guys have installed one of these, what tips you can give me. Also, what suppliers are the best in the Florida area? Are there any webistes with good information on them? Thanks.

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    Re: Geothermal Heat pumps for swimming pool

    I have no experience other then being on a couple of projects which had geo heat. But, I do have a link that might be useful.