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REHAU UPDATE **Everyone should read this**

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  • REHAU UPDATE **Everyone should read this**

    In another thread JC mentioned that Rehau was going to discontinue thier everlock line of fittings for thier pipe. I checked into this today and my supplier and he stated that there was some truth behind this. Rehau is suppose to be selling the right to make the fittings to Sioux Chief.

    Here is the catch: According to the state of California there is too much lead content in the brass that is used in the plumbing industry. In 2010 there are supposed to be new laws in place govening this content. Brass valve and fitting manufacturers will have to substitute "Berrillium?" into the brass which is more expensive than the lead of course. Watts has stated that after this change the estimated cost of a 3/4"25AUB PRV will be in excess of $400.00

    Again - all of this is rumored as of right now and is what i am being told by the manager at the supply house that i buy from.

    Anyone else heard anything???

    On the bright side. Sioux Chief should start making Everloc which means it should get cheaper, And should still be available for a while. So i don't have to start auctioning off my everloc tools.

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    Re: REHAU UPDATE **Everyone should read this**

    Calif. prop 65 lead law has been on the books for a long time, and it did involve a phase in. I believe Jan, 2010 may be the drop dead date for near-zero tolerance of any lead in any product. This is the reason Delta came forward with the Diamond Seal product line with integral PVC supplies.

    I can't confirm the specs for something like a ball valve or regulator, but they don't ever do anything which would make something CHEAPER!! Witness the ultra lownox WH now required by SCAQMD and BAAQMD....they are 50% higher.


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      Re: REHAU UPDATE **Everyone should read this**

      My understanding is Sioux Chief recently purchased Mansfield Brass and now Rehau's PEX line. Viega has been recommending Sioux Chief copper PEX fittings in areas of dezincification so they should be okay in California. Californians will be paying through their noses for plumbing come January 2010 because of the zero lead law taking affect. It will only apply to fittings where you can consume water.

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        Re: REHAU UPDATE **Everyone should read this**

        My understanding is that in 2010 legislature is supposed to be passed to make every state and every manufacturer comply with this on some sort of timed basis. Whether its 6 mos. or 6 years plumbing will skyrocket everywhere.


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          Re: REHAU UPDATE **Everyone should read this**

          Do a Google search on:

          California Assembly Bill 1953
          Vermont S152

          I had typed a long reply but somehow I was logged out by the system in within the time it took to type it....

          The leading lead-free brass alloy substitutes silicon for the lead, and there are other alloys being developed that have very low lead content.

          Maybe you mean Sioux Chief bought Marshall Brass? If they did buy them, then good. Better it's bought by Americans who understand the industry than a bunch of bail-out bankers who'd sell the equipment to China.

          Gotta sign off but I'll be happy to share more through the week. Have a good night!