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    Re: No Easy Ones....

    Originally posted by HebertDrainCare View Post
    I get calls from people sometimes who'll say something like

    Customer "How much would you charge to replace a "simple" hose bib?"

    Me "I don't give prices over the phone."

    Customer "You can't give a price over the phone? I used to do this sort of thing all of the time, it should only take you less than an hour."

    Chances are, there could be a job like this waiting for you.

    Did a kitchen sink recently where the home owner had new countertops put in. Was a single basin sink, garb, dishwasher and hook up of new tap and trap arm. "SOOOO Simple he said".

    Took his word but also warned him of surprises. Go on a Friday after work and sure enough his connections for the faucet hang 10 inches above the supply shutoffs (that are 3 inches above the bottom shelf of the cabinets; the connection for the garb has gone missing; and it's too late to hit up a store for parts. Have to go back on the Monday with parts and explain why my cost pretty much doubled. He was cool with it after but Advil had a job on my head after.