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My nasty, poopy job today...corn included!

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  • My nasty, poopy job today...corn included!

    I very rarely do a Sunday call, let alone sewer rod jobs. This was a referral, for a backed up sewer.

    I get to the house, no cleanout outside, line full, commode on the other side of house. Pull toilet, rod 60 ft. begin binding up. I am using a C cutter with a K1500. Well, keeps binding up, water does drain, backs up still, spin cable, it drains. Drain out the cleanout in the basement, cannot break clog.

    Definately a sewer shear, although the last one I saw was easy to spot. This is what I saw...

    -Clay on C cutter
    -Sewer smell in sump pump
    -look into cleanout, see dirt, a rock, milky brown water, void area right past foundation
    -Shove a stick in, can hear gravel grinding, then it hits something solid
    -line under a cement front porch, supporting part of the front house

    Oh yeah, the corn? I lied. These are always bad news.

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    Re: My nasty, poopy job today...corn included!

    Well, went out and re ran the sewer. We had to core out the side of the house due to the original pipe being under a concrete porch, with pillars, and railing.