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Leave The Poop ?

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    Re: Leave The Poop ?

    I think a lot of you guys who clean up leave yourself open to problems. Especially when the homeowner thinks the area might be sterile. Only specialty companies should be relied on to sterilze everything. I myself tell the customer to hire a pro, or clean with bleach and water. I never give them the impression that its all cleaned up. I even write this in the invoice-area needs to be cleaned...

    Like I mentioned, I will take a bucket if it drained from a C/O or something. But a floor mess I dont mess with.


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      Re: Leave The Poop ?

      indoors i ALWAYS advise the client that ANYWHERE my gear was needs to be sanitized, even though i did clean up the mess as best i could.

      outdoors i spray a sanitizer and suggest they use bleach to finish the job. overflow from a cleanout (paper, etc) i'll try to scoop into a pile for residential commercial jobs need their maintenance/cleaning crews to deal with it

      In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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        Re: Leave The Poop ?

        Thanks for all the great feedback ! This particular Area Is under fruit trees So it was Solid waste TP and rotten fruit ...

        I told Manager this morning I would clean it up for 1/2 Hr . Was decided Maintenance Guy would do it ... Really Dry here So It dried up Quickly ...

        I Did get ROOKED into burring a cable TV wire (same park) It was On top of OLD Grass at the edge of my work area LOL ... but I made a shallow trench and buried the thing ....Could not go very deep because of the shallow phone lines !

        Tomorrow I unclog 1.5 inch screw pipe in an old 8 wide (probably rusted shut) Like the park manager ...


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          Re: Leave The Poop ?

          Always clean up your immediate mess you create as best you can but any larger mess is the homeowners responsibility. You have been called in to remedy a specific problem and that is what the customer will pay you for.
          Unless you add janitorial service to your job description there are lots of professionals that deal in this kind of cleanup. Hope my 2 cents worth does not come across as a bad attitude.