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  • Gas pressure

    Got a call from the GC's foreman on a house we finished a couple of months ago. Pool guy said his heater was getting starved for gas. He said he got a reading of 6.5" water column static pressure which dropped to 3.5" wc when the heater kicked in. We had run a 2" line from our regulator (remote from the meter) that stepped the utility supplied pressure down from 2psi to what I assumed was 7.5" wc. Since the set up was more then adequate by design, I went out to verify his findings. In the pool equipment room my manometer read 6" wc static and a little over 5" wc when the pool heater fired. So, I went back to my regulator and adjusted the spring so my pool room gauge read 7" wc static and 6.5" wc with the pool heater fired. The ball's back in the pool guys court. I love warranty service.
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    Re: Gas pressure

    I would have thought in your 33 years of experience you would have learned that it is ALWAYS the Plumber's fault.