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  • wood boiler connection

    Okay my boiler experience is limited to installation of commercial units (AO Smith) for domestic hot water in multifamily apartments.

    I am now in the midwest (gets cold here..) and have a request to hook up an outdoor wood boiler. They are replacing their older unit with a newer more efficient unit.
    I have no experience with closed system hydronic heating.
    They are using the system with a heat exchanger in their furnace, no radiant, baseboard or other components.

    The manufacture recommends black iron pipe at the boiler tank connections, with transition to Pex.

    I know these closed systems don't have constant new minerals and O2 so rust/corrosion is not a problem....but I am having a hard time convincing my self to go ahead with black pipe and water

    Also they show no T & P on their boiler, and no expansion tank. I have checked other manufacturers and get the same info.

    Any insight or experience on these would be appreciated.

    Scroll down to installation kit list (black iron ftgs.)

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    Re: wood boiler connection

    Hydronic heating systems routinely use black iron pipe and fittings near the boiler, it is quite a common practice both in the North East where I am and I am pretty sure teh entire country.

    But first and foremost if you dont feel comfortable with this install I wouldnt tackle it without some help. A boiler can be a bomb if improperly installed just like a water heater.