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Is the urinal my problem?

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  • Is the urinal my problem?

    I was called to one of the condos that I do work at, they had a problem with the men's rook urinal. When I flush it I get bubbles out of the waste and then the water flushes slowly...but not 100% complete. I snaked the vent line and went about 30 ft past the urinal. The flush hasn't improved. I noticed that it was installed with an 1-1/4" flushometer tailpiece. Is this an older style design? The urinal is at least 30 years old and it's waste/trap is on one side instead of the middle. When I pulled the urinal off of the wall it had no visible deposits inside and the jets look clear also.

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    Re: Is the urinal my problem?

    What happens when you pour a bucket of water in it?


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      Re: Is the urinal my problem?

      Calcium buildup?


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        Re: Is the urinal my problem?

        I had a similar situation recently.

        It ended up being a slice of lime from someones drink. I got it out by running a 1/4 inch cable from behind the urinal.

        Cable would not go in from the front, and I could not get a good seal with the plunger.

        Damage waiver was signed before running cable.

        It may not be getting enough water from the valve, but I don't think the size of the tailpiece would be of concern. It probably worked for the other 29 years it was in service.


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          Re: Is the urinal my problem?

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