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  • Flushing problem


    I am having flushing problem with one of my old toilets ever since I bought this 24 years old house 3 years ago. Not even a piece of toilet paper will go through. I took the toilet apart and dump water down the pipe and it seems to flow fine.

    Can someone tell me how to go about checking if this old toilet is bad or if there is an obstruction in the piping. If I need a new toilet can someone tell me how to look for a good toilet or good brand to get. Thank you in advance.

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    Take a look at this site, it helped me:


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      Get a shop vac and evacuate the water from the toilet bowl. place an inspecting mirror or get your wifes' make up mirror, (the little one) and a flash light. hold the mirror so that you can see the first bend in the S trap. Any tooth brushes, combes, door stops, kodak camera, barbie, etc sticking out? It's clear? Then you have to disconnect the toilet and check the business end for the blockage. But Before you do that, check the siphon jet at the bottom of the bowl with a coat hanger to ensure the port hole is clear. Now at the outlet end, If you can't spot the blockage, try dislodging with the toilet auger. This is like fishing so be patient or go get a new pooper. Good luck.