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High pitch hum from plumbing after flush.

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    Re: High pitch hum from plumbing after flush.

    Originally posted by Clipper City Plumber View Post
    I did not put the 200 psi gauge on when I checked only the 100 psi with my hose hook up so I could check it at the kitchen faucet valve . I saw it was over 100 psi and did not know about staging the pressure down at the time . So city supply is unknown. This sound only happens when small amounts of water are drawn thru the vale like lavatory or kitchen and no problem with the toilet or bath tub faucet . Baltimore city has been relining the mains with a plastic coating so were you had crappy pressure for years now is really high . But the thing I really wonder about is the X65 really not as good as the older prvs . I got these valves because you got less pressure loss it was half what the older watts could so may be if I had the older model it would bring it down just by the valve design ? I would just think this would be a problem in a big setting like a restaurant where you have a truly big main and normally lots of flow and if one faucet is run to me that would make sense but this is a one bath house 3/4" service . The water distribution system is run in 1/2" and I wonder if that adds to this .
    Interesting line items.
    I especially like the way the city turned it's system into a rocket ship.
    I have a couple different Reps that chase each others tails ratting each other out,I'll ask about the new regs performance.