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ok all you copper tubing experts...

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    Re: ok all you copper tubing experts...

    It does.

    I think I like the DEB3. Won't fit in your pocket but looks like you can get a good hold on it to really get a bite.

    I read it as:

    DEB3-1 blade on the tool-3 blades come in the handle.

    Replacement blade#94437 on page 12 of their catalog. Might help your distributor if you go through them.

    I find if my locals are clueless that if I walk in with the info then they can get what I need reasonably.

    Sometimes they just haven't been asked or have a demand.

    (I gotta' go mow. )



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      Re: ok all you copper tubing experts...

      I'll hit my main supplier up about them with model numbers, I might order a deb0 for everybody at the shop, just so they don't have an excuse Not to ream.
      "I'm thinking the deb3 for myself, just because the fatter grip seems like it would cause less hand fatigue"

      Enjoy the mowing now before it turns into a twice a week adventure.
      Originally posted by NHMaster3015
      No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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        Re: ok all you copper tubing experts...

        I've found these to be the best:
        Made in Isreal.
        I tried Brass Craft (made in China) replacement blades (witch fix the Milrose tool) but they didn't keep an edge as long.