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    The time has come for me to invest in more tools. My company is involved in fire protection. Recently we have been getting more work in retro fitting sprinkler systems. Most of the work involves 1" to 2" pipe.Specifially, I need to add power threaders to my large stock of tools. While I would like to buy something like a 535 Model, cost and portability are factors.I have been looking at 600/700 series power head threaders. All of my pipe work is done at the customers site, often in finished buildings.
    1. I am concerned about stability of the pipe vise when using the power heads.
    2. Should I get a pipe stand to support the pipe being cut and threaded?
    3. As business expands, I expect to need to cut larger pipe sizes. Can I buy dies to thread larger sizes. Can I buy dies to groove pipe?
    4. What is the shortest pipe nipple I can cut?

    Douglas Hicks
    General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc

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    Hi Douglas. From reading your post it sounds as though you are looking to not only thread 1" to 2" but also to have the ability to groove and thread larger diameters of pipe. While the 700PD is a good machine for simply threading, I would recommend something more versatile for your needs. The 300PD complete would give you all the options you will need in a portable, easy to transport unit. Accessories would need to be purchased in order to cut nipples, thread over 2", and also to roll groove. The price of the unit will fall between that of the 535 and the 700PD. But again, roll grooving and making nipples can not be done on the 700. Now as far as threading with the 700. I would definitely recommend a pipe vise like the 460 tristand chain vise for stability. Pipe sizes larger than 2" can be threaded with the 700, but will require the 141 geared threader to be used in conjunction.