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Acid Waste Piping

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  • Acid Waste Piping

    Long Story short, Maintainence man cut out a section of acid waste piping for an x-ray machine developer. He replaced it with regular schedule 40 pvc.

    My question is Can a clampall or mission clamp be used to join the old Enfield acid pipe with new Spears acid pipe, same id and od?

    The reason I ask is the sales rep says it is fine to transition that way, I will try to find a phone number for Enfield and call today if time permits.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Acid Waste Piping

    Last X-ray work I did I found out that acid pipe was not required...

    The chemicals used to develop x-rays have come a long way. Pull the MSDS of the chemicals in that x-ray area and see if acid pipe is required.

    I'm gonna bet not unless they are doing nuclear meds.



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      Re: Acid Waste Piping

      Mission has special chemically resistant bands.

      Band-SealĀ® Chemical Couplings are designed to provide flexible, watertight joints on chemical drainage systems. This range of couplings offers the chemical & process industries the advantage of a modern, mechanical jointing system for plain end cast iron, plastic, steel, glass, and DurironĀ® pipes & fittings. They consist of a high performance fluoroelastomer (FKM) sleeve, an outer stainless steel shear ring and two AISI 301 stainless steel clamping bands.

      This range of couplings is designed for use with chemically resistant pipe and fittings used for drainage applications which are commonly found in pharmaceutical plants, medical facilities, printing plants, plating processes, battery stations, pulp processing plants, chemical facilities, laboratories, film processing labs, test / research labs, beverage plants and institutional kitchens.
      Chemical Resistance

      The fluoroelastomer (FKM) gasket is chemically and solvent resistant with low compression set and stress relaxation properties that ensure unsurpassed sealing performance and longevity. Fluoroelastomers have broad thermal serviceability and provide excellent resistance to atmospheric oxidation, weathering, sunlight and ozone.


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        Re: Acid Waste Piping

        Thanks for the help, I will check the MSDS sheets.