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Knocking sump pump....

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  • Knocking sump pump....

    A buddies father called me this evening from 5 hours away to try and help him out with a sump pump diagnosis. Over the past 5 or 6 months the sump pump that serves a single downstairs bathroom pumping waste & water to the main drainage line above the grade of the basement floor knocks everytime it finishes its cycle. The knock has slowly been getting more and more noticeable.
    I'm wondering if the same slow running toilet connected to the sump has simply started wearing out a dated pump. They've been in the place for 4 or 5 yeares, the home is about 12 to15 years old and they've never serviced it since they've been there. I'm newer to the service side of plumbing but all of the pumps that I've replaced so far had simply stopped working. There weren't any reports of noises and so-forth.
    Any feedback on the 'break-downs' of sump pumps to learn from and help out my buddies father is appreciated.

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    Re: Knocking sump pump....

    Have them install a "quiet check"