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    I ran into the widow of a very well respected plumber in my town.

    Long story short she has been selling off the equipment to a local handyman who I know is plumbing without a license on the side.

    She told me he has not been able to afford the larger drain cleaning machines or the newer tools.

    I'm gonna go ahead and buy it all to get it out of my local market

    I'll post picks of the haul tomorrow.

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    Re: Used equipment (pics)

    Here is the haul

    (1) K-1500 ( 2 years old with reciept)
    200' 1 1/4" cable
    Augers , c-cutters , spades
    (1) K-38 (waaaaay more power than my K-39)
    (2) Ridgid Pipe Cutters
    (2) Ridgid hand augers
    (1) Brass seat kit with tools and seat size gauge
    (1) Washer Kit
    (1) O-ring Kit
    (3) Blowbags 2"-6

    I'm just happy to have it off the market. The K-1500 is cherry but there is no way that beast is gonna ride on the truck when my K-60 has not met it's match yet...


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      Re: Used equipment

      I used to use a k1500 like that and gotta say I sure miss having one where I am working now. Nice machine.


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        Re: Used equipment

        This guy was interested in buying that kind of equipment to do unlicensed work? Wow, that's a big risk on his part. Where I live in FL, they're trying to crack down on unlicensed work. It's just like weeds in a lawn, you get rid of one, another pops up. Not only do most of these guys do lousy work, they make it hard for those who are legit to make a living. Some may disagree, but it really depends on where you live and how much is going on around your area. Right now in SW FL, it's bad, but guys are getting caught.


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          Re: Used equipment

          rich, same here too. typically the cslb/ contractors state license board will do a crack down after large disasters.

          earthquakes and wild fires as an example.

          back in 94-95 after or large northridge quake. saw it first hand as we were asked for our license while doing a job. they have the police with them too

          phoebe it is