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    Re: Plumbers Phone?

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    15 years of nextel is about to go out the door

    i'm swapping to boost mobile

    sure boost is a spin off of nextel

    but for $50. a month out the door. i will have unlimited everything. days, nights, text, photos, web, gps, nationwide, 2 way and still keep my original nextel number and 2way info.

    so for less money, i get more services. and yes it's the same nextel towers and coverage i've had for 15 years.

    my investment is a $99. phone with no contracts.

    a no brainer if you ask me
    We are still being fleeced in Canada with cell phone rates. From the sounds of the rumors, we *might* be getting cheaper rates with more services in the next 2-3 years. With help from our government, we have the honour of haveing the highest rates on the planet.



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      Re: Plumbers Phone?

      I have three phones on my plan for $115 per month, 1400 anytime minutes that we never use all of, free long distance, with att.

      I use the sony ericsson w580. Had it over 1.5 years. Sometimes it craps out, but starts working again after it dries. I bought it because it can be used as a mp3 player and I have about 100 songs on it. But I never use the feature since putting satellite radio in my van.

      I think my next phone will probably be this:

      It supposed to be a tough phone claiming:

      Built to military specifications (Mil-STD-810F) to withstand dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, altitude and temperature extremes.

      I rarely have trouble with phone service so I stick with att.

      The IPhone looks really cool, after watching the demo at the iphone site, but it's huge and I would lose interest in it's features after the first month. The only thing I would really like about it would be having movies whenever I wanted, like if I were stuck somewhere and bored I could just watch a movie. I have a program now that shrinks movies from dvd onto my sons Zune and he watches movies on its 1.5 inch screen. I told him he's going to go blind.


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        Re: Plumbers Phone?

        I go thru nextel phones at least once per year.But I abuse 'em I'm with plumber rick and goin with boost. Also carry a blackberry curve with the "otter box" pretty tough so far plus when there's downtime I'm on the ridgid forum.


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          Re: Plumbers Phone?

          i'm tuff on my phone, but i still get a couple years out of them. my brick i355 is as tuff as they get.

          it's not pretty, but it takes a licking and keeps on ringing

          the boost has a similar model i335, $59.00 but it doesn't have the camera feature.

          i'll go with the flip i776 / $99.00 and see how it holds up

          i'll know today when i swap

          great thing is, swapping from nextel to boost is a very simple process. even my 2 way # will remain the same and other than having to dial the local area code, it's all the same. with nextel, i don't have to dial the local area code. even on my home line i have to dial the local code.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Plumbers Phone?

            Here's another level app for the iPhone:

            The STANLEY® Level application offers functionality for everyday use, fast and easy calibration, interchangeable skins, Stanley product info and history and helpful tips to ensure accuracy.

            Get the STANLEY® Level application for iPhone™ and iPod touch® free at the online Apple App Store.

            For more information on the Stanley Tools iPhone app, please read the Press Release at

            "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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              Re: Plumbers Phone?

              Originally posted by Fireguy97 View Post
              I love my cell phone. I've seen a Sanyo sales rep doing a demo. All of the time that he was talking about the phone, he was standing on it. It's built for U.S. Military specs for dust, vibration and shock. It doesn't have a camera, and a ton of bells and whistles, but it's a great at doing what I want it to a phone. I haven't dropped it into a pond...yet, but in my business phones get wet. I've had mine for about 18 months so far and it's working great. I've seen three other contractors pick one up for themselves. One of them switched all of his company cell phones to this one.

              I've got the same phone. However, my local Sprint stores say new SCP-7050's are no longer available. Not ever rebuilts.