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    work is finally starting to come in. seems like people around here only wake up in the spring. mean while back at the farm/outhouse things just keep happening.

    i've been given the task of transfering all of the gas in the eight orange/red tanks to the large orange/red tank via the pump.

    the pump is explosion proof. it's a little diesel single cylinder from Italy.

    my son Colin and i will get some work. times are hard so i thankful for the work.

    we changed the 4"X4" camloc to a 4"X3" camloc. everything is still a little bit frozen, but that's why created plumber's right? somebody's gotta do it.

    only problem right know it we can only start pumping when the temperature gets above 14 degrees F or -10 degrees C. it -12.6 right now. so far it's a cold spring, and very windy.

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