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  • Zoeller 503...

    Has anyone installed one of these water powered backup sump pumps?
    Likes and or dislikes? Do they make one that has an alarm on it?

    The battery backup will not last in an emergency for this situation, for the main pump runs every 30 seconds all day and night year round.

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    Re: Zoeller 503...

    I have done a few in parts of town that seem to be prone to power outages.Customers love them and they are a great peace-of-mind product.
    If I had a sump I would have one of these no question.
    Water bill be damned but a dry basement.
    As far as alarms for this go there are things you could set up with in a sump pit that is not part of the product.
    I would figure out who the local reps are and dial them up.
    On this side of the St Croix we use Solderholm and Assoc. for many products.
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      Re: Zoeller 503...

      Thanks for the reply, I would think it would definately need some type of alarm. Just not sure which alarm to use.

      Zoeller sells alarms, just not with the unit.