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poly-b pipe and valve (puss-pipe)

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  • poly-b pipe and valve (puss-pipe)

    Hard to believe but lots of these cheesy valves were installed around here as main shut-off valves for houses during construction. They always seize open and need to be replaced with proper quality valves, but try to tell that to a home-owner that doesnt want to spend money if he cant see it is broken and there is no leak! Hope if he ever does get a burst pipe the city can get out to close his street valve before too much damage is done.
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    Re: poly-b pipe and valve (puss-pipe)

    That is WORSE than what I had today.
    Call to a 'burb west of here,the street side valve was s%t.
    Call the city.they come out and cant kill the valve,so.......kill the whole part of the grid!
    SWEET!.......but's like changing a valve on the fly with low pressure!Be careful what you wish for.
    You deal in the pic looks worse than the low pressure bath I had!