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Job prospects in Phoenix??

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  • Job prospects in Phoenix??

    My 28 year old son is thinking of changing careers. He is presently in sales and may want to get into something more hands- on. My thought is that where he lives now, Phoenix-Tempe-Scottsdale AZ should have better prospects than here in hometown, beat-up Michigan.

    He has always been good with his hands, a hard worker and is a fast learner. What are the job oppurtunities for a helper/ apprentice in the plumbing-drain cleaning business? I know that there has been a general shortage of young people entering the trades but I wonder what it is like in Metro Phoenix.

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    Re: Job prospects in Phoenix??

    Arizona has a lack of training programs and very little union influence. We do have a Union but since AZ is a right to work state with lots of not legal workers they don't hold much sway.

    The wages would not be any where near what they are in Michigan.

    That being said people are still moving to Phoenix. There is lot of high tech industry. He would definitely be better off if he was HVAC Certified. A/c Is huge business out here and qualified guys get jobs.


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      Re: Job prospects in Phoenix??

      I'll echo what Easyman is telling you. I left Chicago after the winter of 1979 and have lived in Phoenix metro..mostly the west side of town.

      I will stress wages suck! I had to accept almost a ten thousand dollar reduction in wages
      when I moved here!!! and that was 30 years ago!!!!

      Today the cost of living, food prices, taxes, housing, utilities are huge. I typically pay around 8.5% sales tax! Milk close to $3.00 a gallon, 12 pack of soda around $4.99,
      Gas a week ago was $1.73 today it's about $2.05 We have "winter rates"and "summer rates" with our utilities too! Summer time of course is much more expensive!

      In the summertime my electric bill can easily reach over $300.00 a month!
      Car insurance is ridiculous! Also we have that stupid photo radar all over the place and that really kills the enjoyment of driving.

      The transit system is almost worthless and you must have a car or motorcycle to get around! License plates are expensive too! You also have those pain the the exhaust pipe emission testing and added fees. since illegal aliens steal vehicles to transport drugs etc. insurance is also high! I stress this twice!

      I do not regret leaving cold winters..I rather enjoy our three seasons..warm, hot, hotter!
      Today we were 102 with 10% humidity dew point about 32 no wind no rain no snow!

      May I suggest you also check out New Mexico, Utah, Colorado

      Oh, there are tons of unlicensed fly by night plumbers, electricians, HVAC folks, and tons of illegal aliens willing to work. Not much in unions here!

      If my bad back did not dictate my living environment I would have left this state years ago, but I'm stuck here with my limited health insurance etc.

      Let me finish by saying right now our state economy is awful and unemployment is very high. Perhaps this may not be the right time to think about jumping into a new field in a new location without any resources?

      I wish you luck..

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Job prospects in Phoenix??

        Very few companies are looking for help here right now. I have plumber friends working at Wal-Mart now.


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          Re: Job prospects in Phoenix??

          I know a Plumber who lives in Phoenix and said work is very slow right now FWIW............


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            Re: Job prospects in Phoenix??

            I am in Florida and will Probably Do my own Concrete Busting next Week rather than Call in my Part Timer :-( Dave

            Until we get a Decent Conservative Leader we are SCREWED !!!