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    I set up the drain lines, dishwasher, air gap and garbage disposal. An inspector writes up a correction notice stating I need a " tie bar between the dishwasher and garbage disposal ". What's he talking about? This is new to me. I asked another plumber friend. He didn't know either and said these guys have 100's of different names for the same thing. I even called a supply house to see if they've heard of a "tie bar". No luck. The only thing I can figure is the inspector wants to have some type of bar across the kitchen cabinet so the hoses can be tie strapped and supported. I've passed lots of inspections with the same set up. I just don't want to call the inspector at this point to give him the satisfaction that he knew something that I don't.

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    just did a google search,

    and a number of instances come up with a "TIE BAR" breaker,

    Garbage disposal/dishwasher on single duplex receptacle (3-wire 240v) req's. a tie-bar breaker [210-4b] [4201.3]
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      BHD, thanks for the lead! I talked to the electrician that was on the job. He told me that would be his correction. The tie bar is a mechanical device that holds together both breakers for the garbage disposal and the dishwasher. It's done so that if someone were to work on the dishwasher or garbage disposal or receptacles, power to both would be cut off with the "single" breaker. The homeowner thought it would be my deal as he saw "dishwasher and garbage disposal" on the correction list.