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Which RPM should I choose.

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  • Which RPM should I choose.

    My Rothenberger MS-300 "Panther" finally died after 14 long years of heavy use. The gears finally stripped away, the Commutator is too worn to be shaved, and the 250lbs of lugging the thing up winding and narrow stairs all the time is starting to pay its toll on my back (even with the collapsible stand). It will cost me almost $2k to repair it (thanks to Rothenberger's way overpriced retail parts prices), which makes it not worth fixing at all.

    My next purchase will probably be the georgous Ridgid 300 Compact w. collapsible stand.

    It comes with 3 different rpms to choose from, either 38, 52, or 57rpms.

    The Rothenberger MS-300 runs at 43rpms with a 15amp motor, which did seem to struggle a tad when threading 2" pipe. The Ridgid 300 compact seems to have relatively the same amount of power (1/2hp motor), but Ridgid threaders never seem to quit, so I am not sure if I should choose the one with 38rpms or 52rpms. Which RPM would you choose??

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    Re: Which RPM should I choose.

    38 rpms are standard.

    52 is optional.

    unless all you're doing is small pipe 1'' and under, stick with the 38rpms.

    your dies and motor will like it. plus your threads will look much nicer.

    i also think the higher rpms will be a higher price now and down the road

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Which RPM should I choose.

      I concur. My two 300's are both standard 38 RPH models and they have taken a beating. The older one I purchased in 1983 for a big gas piping job I had at the time. Paid for itself in the first year. Except for an occasional carriage bolt, universal dies and the foot pedal I replaced last month it's still cranking out the threads like a brand new model.